Bombalift™ Push-Up Bra

Regular price $25.00

Looking for the perfect matching top for your Bombafit™ leggings, or just trying to find a push-up bra that not only feels good, but makes you look good?

Just like our Bombalift leggings, this bra breathes life into your ta-ta's and enhances those 🍈 by supporting and lifting them up, just like a good bra should!

Super Stretchy and Comfortable 

This shapewear sports bra is ultra-comfortable, and features our original honeycomb texture. This premium weave allows this bra to provide the breathability and flex necessary for you to feel comfortable while absolutely KILLING it. 
Different Colors & Matching Styles

Bombalift tops come in a variety of colors and styles. We even have matching leggings that you can find here to finish your look.